7 de novembro de 2005

«Though a majority of the youths committing the acts are Muslim, and of African or North African origin, the mayhem has yet to take on any ideological or religious overtones. Youths in the neighborhoods say second-generation Portuguese immigrants and even some children of native French have taken part.»

«It was a good excuse, but it´s fun to set cars on fire, said Mohamed Hammouti, a 15-year-old boy in Clichy-sous-Bois, sitting Sunday outside the gutted remnants of a gymnasium near his home. Like many people interviewed, he denied having participated in the violence.»

in New York Times

«The man was beaten as he tried to put out a trash can fire on Friday in the Paris suburb of Stains in the region of Seine-Saint Denis.»

«Cars were torched outside Brussels´ main train station and in a working class district of Berlin, although officials in Belgium and Germany sought to downplay the risk of violence on the level of France.»

in CNN.com

7 de novembro de 2005

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